The story of Humayun and Rani Karnavati is part of the Raksha Bandhan legends. Of the various Raksha Bandhan legends, the legend of Humayun forms an important link.

Humayun and Rakhi

During the medieval period, we come across a new dimension of Raksha Bandhan, when the Mughal emperor Humayun received Rakhi from Rani Karnavati of Chittor. In 16th century the sultan of Gujarat attacked the kingdom of Chittor. To save her kingdom from the invader, Rani Karnavati sought help from the Mughal emperor Humayun and sent the sacred thread (Rakhi) for him. Humayun is said to been touched by the bond and marched to protect the kingdom of Chittor. Though Humayun marched towards chittor to help the distressed Rani but he could not reach at the right time and the Rani, along with other Rajput ladies committed Jauhar to save their honor.