The story of Alexander and Porus forms an important part of Rakhi story, history and legends.

Alexander and Rakhi

Since time immemorial Raksha Bandhan has been the symbol of spiritual bonding between brothers and sisters. Through this sacred bond (Rakhi), the brothers take oath to protect their sisters and sisters pray for the safety and well being of their brothers. Rakhi is supposed to protect the brothers from all impending evils.

During his invasion of the Indian subcontinent, in 326 BC, Alexander was confronted, for the first time, by the heroism of the brave king, Porus (the Indian ruler of the north western region). It is said that the wife of the great conqueror approached king Porus with the sacred thread (Rakhi) to ensure the safety of her husband, Alexander. As Porus had accepted the bond of Rakhi, he promised to cooperate with Alexander in his Indian venture. This is the oldest event associated with Raksha Bandhan.