Add an oriental touch to your Rakhi celebration this year with exciting Feng Shui gifts. Read on to know more on feng shui presents for Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Feng Shui Gifts

No Indian celebration is complete without gifts, and it is this little tradition of giving and sharing that makes a unique event like Raksha Bandhan all the more special and adorable. From sweet memories and all the good times spent together, to heated arguments and fights, brother-sister duos share a special bond. And what better way to celebrate this bond, than to gift your sibling a gift on Rakhi that he/she will treasure forever? Come Raksha Bandhan, and our minds starts teeming with ideas on what to gift our siblings. If you are eyeing something different this year, think no further. Feng shui gift items make for an ideal and thoughtful present for your loved ones. Cool and auspicious, they can lighten up your celebration as well as your lives. So what are you waiting for? Make your pick from the below listed feng shui presents for Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Feng Shui Gift Ideas

Crystal Globe
Are you wondering what to gift your sibling this Raksha Bandhan? Well, the choice is right here! Crystal globes are perfect gifts for your loved ones. Known to be supreme enhancers for education, literary pursuits, academic luck and business success, crystal globes, apart from ushering in good luck and prosperity, look chic and make for great gifts.

Auspicious Amulets
Auspicious amulets look cool, are easy to carry along and are known to be great enhancers, antidotes as well as protectors. They can be worn as a piece of jewelry or simply be carried in the purse or pocket. Gift it to your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan and ensure that he/she stays protected always.

Laughing Buddha Keychain
Laughing Buddha keychain is another exciting gift option you can go for! This keychain is believed to welcome wonderful fortune, prosperity, wealth and luck. It looks elegant and makes for a collector's item. Surely, a great feng shui gift idea!

Feng Shui Arts & Crafts
If your sibling has a great taste, this gift is one sure way to impress him/ her! Feng shui related arts and crafts come with oriental flair and are laden with auspicious characters, gestures and animals, and make for propitious gifts. They look beautiful on walls and bring good luck and harmony into one's life.

Feng Shui Jewelry
Try gifting your sister feng shui jewellery this Rakhi! Apart from making a style statement, these great looking ornaments are harbingers of good luck, health and fortune. So pamper your sister with some awesome feng shui jewellery and get those chuckles flowing!

Wealth Pouch
A Wealth Pouch can be that ultimate gift for your sibling. This pouch contains three Chinese coins and a Jade semi precious stone and is known to attract wealth and abundance. Good looking and convenient, this pouch can be carried in a wallet or folder and makes a great Rakhi gift.