Want to do something special on this Raksha Bandhan? Try out this simple and easy to make Rakhi card for your sister or brother. These handmade and special Rakhi cards have special significance on Rakhi.

Handmade Rakhi Cards

Like all other occasions, the custom of exchanging cards has become popular on Raksha Bandhan as well. Since Raksha Bandhan signifies the bond of love, we can make the occasion more pious and meaningful by gifting hand made cards. We have come up with some very simple methods and ideas to help you make your own Raksha Bandhan cards. These cards are sure to convey the heartfelt bonding between brothers and sisters. These handmade Rakhi cards are beautiful, easy and fun to make. They can be both hand-painted and embroidered. You can decorate the borders of these cards using laces. Making rakhi cards at home is a fun craft activity for children. They not only learn in the process but also come to value the meaning and significance attached to these festivals.

Embroidered Rakhi Cards

Traditional Rakhi Card