Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated as Nariyal Purnima in many states of western India. The Nariyal Poornima is of special significance to the fishing community of that region.

Nariyal Purnima

IRaksha Bandhan is called the Nariyal Purnima or coconut full moon in the Western parts of India that includes the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the beginning of a new season for the fishing community who is dependent on sea for its livelihood. On the occasion of Nariyal Purnima, the sea God Varuna is worshipped by the people to invoke his blessings. Since the festival involves the offerings of coconuts to the sea God, it is called the Nariyal Purnima.

On the Rakhi Purnima people pray to God for forgiveness for their past mistakes and sins. This ceremony is called Pavitropana. In the ceremony a few twisted threads of cotton are drenched in panchagaivya (a mixture of cow ghee, milk, curd, urine and excreta) and then wrapped around the Shivalingas. The twisted threads of cotton are immersed in the panchgaivya for purification.